image from AlertSense Expresses Support for More Computer Science Education in Idaho Public Schools

AlertSense Expresses Support for More Computer Science Education in Idaho Public Schools

posted: Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015

Software executives and other technology leaders throughout the State of Idaho converged on Idaho’s capital city to participate in this year’s develop.idaho conference. Alertsense, one of this year’s Diamond Sponsors, expressed its strong support for more computer science and software coding education in Idaho’s public schools.

The develop.idaho conference was a great opportunity for AlertSense executives to engage and interact with other Idaho high-tech leaders to discuss the importance of computer science education and other critical industry issues. Computer science and software coding are valuable and marketable skills that students can use throughout their professional careers. Idaho high-tech and software firms often are forced to recruit computer science and software coding talent outside of Idaho.  Additional “home-grown” talent would help reduce the current need to recruit employees from out-of-state.

“As one of the biggest high-tech Idaho conferences of the year, this was an outstanding opportunity for AlertSense to express its support for more computer science education in Idaho, ” said AlertSense CEO and Idaho Technology Council Chair Von Hansen. “Computer science and software coding skills are just as important to today’s education as other science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses.”  “Coding and other computer science skills must be incorporated throughout the K-12 education experience and not just offered as an elective in high school.”

This year’s develop.idaho conference was held in Boise, Idaho on April 23, 2015. One of the major topics covered during this year’s conference was the need to incorporate more computer science curriculum, and software coding in particular, into Idaho school curriculums. Hadi Partovi, the co-founder and CEO of, kicked off the conference with a keynote speech addressing “America’s Untapped Opportunity,” where he discussed the importance and added benefits of adding computer science and software coding as a curriculum into our nation’s K-12 public schools.

Later in the conference, the participants learned how the Boise Independent School District, one of Idaho’s largest school districts, and the Idaho Digital Learning Academy, a state-sponsored online school, are already leveraging to incorporate computer science and software coding into their school curriculums.

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