Konexus is Coming to RSA Archer

Konexus is Coming to RSA Archer

March 4, 2021

Konexus will soon embark on a new partnership with a world leader in integrated risk management: RSA Archer.

During RSA Archer's Annual Summit 2018, David Walter, a VP at the company, announced RSA Archer is fortifying its new mobile offering by joining forces with Konexus. Walter envisions this alliance will provide RSA Archer users an added layer of mobile crisis management and collaboration tools. The declaration signifies a new era of opportunity for enterprises to strengthen business resiliency through utilizing mobile communications in the face of disruption. Industry writer, David Strom, captured the excitement in his August 16th article with a direct quote from David Walter. “We needed the ability for crisis managers to be able to kick off a communication protocol and have procedures that would help them respond during the middle of a hurricane even though the system is down.” Walter later described the need to promote incident awareness by linking technology with accessibility.

With the Konexus platform, RSA Archer BC/Dr use case customers have another tool for business resiliency in the palm of their hand. The Konexus extension for the RSA Archer BC/DR use case, will empower customers to access plans housed in RSA Archer regardless of internet or cellular connection, deliver recovery tasks and assessments to mobile team and monitor completion in RSA Archer and/or on their mobile device, streamline crisis and incident reporting with event-based escalation paths and collaborate with global/multilingual teams using in-stream translation in 100+ languages. The addition of Konexus requires no specialized training. Even inexperienced users can take comfort in the familiarity of the RSA Archer platform.

In addition to extending RSA Archer to mobile devices, the Konexus platform will enhance critical incident communication for RSA Archer customers, providing the ability to initiative and send alerts from a mobile device and/or WebUI. Geo-fencing capabilities allow initiators to easily target key stakeholders with ESRI map-based tools by drawing shapes over impacted zones. On-the-scene personnel and emergency management can easily communicate with a built-in group chat feature that provides a secure environment to share updates and coordinate response, including video and pictures.
As noted in RSA's 2018 Archer Summit recap and mobility announcement, company executives are looking toward the future of risk management. This new partnership signals RSA Archer's and Konexus’ joint commitment to providing users with world-class incident response and resiliency. David Smith, CEO at Konexus, solidified the discussion, enthusiastically noting, “We were honored David Walter announced Konexus as an integral component of RSA Archer's overall mobile strategy during his Archer Summit keynote. As a result of great collaboration between our two companies, demand for mobile integration with RSA Archer's BC/DR use case can now be addressed.”

The Konexus platform empowers organizational resiliency with an all-inclusive set of tools to keep business running at maximum efficiency. By incorporating the best-practices of collaboration and response, RSA Archer and Konexus are paving the way for businesses and individuals to remain resilient even in the face of uncertainty.

Users can expect to see the new integration available by November of 2018.

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