Nampa, Idaho Police Department to Deploy AlertSense Public Safety App

Nampa, Idaho Police Department to Deploy AlertSense Public Safety App

New App from AlertSense used in Nampa, ID to keep citizens safe

NAMPA, ID – The Nampa Police Department is getting ready to launch its new innovative mass notification program and is urging the public to get on board.

Currently, Nampa police are just using the app as an internal system to communicate with employees. But in just a few months, the public will be able to sign up for the program on an individual basis.

AlertSense is a free app for your smartphone, where alerts will be sent out in the form of a text, voice mail or email.

The messages will contain critical emergency information, such as a missing child, or if there is an area the public needs to avoid because of an ongoing dangerous situation.

The app is designed to keep citizens both safe and aware.

“Maybe we have a barricaded subject and a lot of time we have the area surrounded, and they (public) are curious,” says Nampa Police Dispatch Supervisor Beth Mills. “They want to know what is going on or maybe walk into the situation, or we get a lot of phone calls. Maybe if we had something like that, we could say, ‘Stay out of this area at this time,’ and keep them aware and stay out of that area.”

Nampa police are launching the app in conjunction with the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office, where the application is being used.

Citizens are urged to sign up at Nampa Family Justice Center or at AlertSense to receive alerts on their preferred phone/email

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