Extend RSA ArcherĀ® Business Resiliency with Konexus Mobile

Konexus offers best-in-class emergency communication and mass notification software that streamlines incident reporting, response and resolution.

By combining the intuitive Konexus mobile platform with the robust crisis management offerings of RSA Archer Business Resiliency, plans can now be seamlessly transformed into actionable tasks.


Take control of your business continuity plans in advance of an emergency, and ensure access when crisis hits.

  • Deliver role-based view of business continuity plans on mobile devices.
  • Gain access to business continuity plans regardless of Archer/network availability.


Ensure all tasks are completed as assigned with the ability to monitor and track from any desktop or mobile device.

  • Monitor the completion of assigned tasks and assessments.
  • Track completion from the mobile app and Archer.


Ensure communication channels are clear and well understood by mapping out escalation paths in advance.

  • Communicate using automated escalation paths.
  • Create escalation paths based on event-type and role.


Reach everyone in your charge with real-time translation so your alerts don't get lost or overlooked.

  • Communicate in 70+ languages.
  • Convert instantly with in-stream translation.
  • Collaborate with teams across the globe.
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