Training Makes Perfect: Increasing Employee Safety with Konexus

Training Makes Perfect: Increasing Employee Safety with Konexus

April 7, 2022

If you are a safety manager, you’re probably familiar with the need to implement a regular employee training and drill schedule for critical events. When your company also uses a mass notification system (MNS), you need to consider how to include your system in this process.

One Konexus customer in the aviation training industry has implemented a drill schedule to ensure employee familiarity with the Konexus mobile app during a variety of critical events. This comprehensive schedule increases employee safety by preparing employees for emergency response with the Konexus app.

The Customer’s Solution

The customer’s training schedule includes Severe Weather, Medical Emergency, Fire, Active Shooter, Bomb Threat, Gas Leak, HAZMAT Spill/Release, and Media Inquiry training scenarios. These drills all require employees to use the Konexus app as part of the exercise at their location.

Clearly, this training schedule goes beyond fire or earthquake drills. “We wanted employees to test a variety of different event types in Konexus,” notes a safety manager at the company. “Prior to this guidance, a lot of locations were conducting similar drills (like fire or severe weather drills) each time, which does not help prepare adequately for other event types.”

Increasing regular employee engagement with the app has another advantage: no surprise sign-in requests. Regular training ensures that users log in to the app regularly, so they don’t run into a roadblock while trying to access the app during a critical event.

Employee Safety during Critical Events

This customer was pleased to share, “We use Alerting to notify teammates of severe weather events a lot, and we send subsequent polls to verify safety status.” The organization also uses Konexus for critical events such as civil unrest, supply chain disruptions, pandemic/public health outbreaks, and more.

In addition to using the Konexus app to inform employees of critical events and check their statuses, the customer also uses the app to share and monitor emergency response steps. “We believe that the Task Lists feature is the most useful feature as it will actually drive steps during emergency response. The initial notification is important, but actually knowing what steps to take and who is responsible for those steps is paramount.”

With such critical use cases, the aviation training employees need to be prepared to communicate with other stakeholders and respond to critical events via the Konexus web UI or app. Including Konexus in training enables the aviation training customer to prepare employees for critical events. “Drills have kept the employees more engaged and have taken some of the confusion out of what the app actually does and why we have invested in the technology for our company,” the safety manager shared. “As more drills are conducted, we expect engagement to increase.”

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