Geo-Location Alerting

You can ensure that your message reaches the right people using Konexus’ geo-fenced alerting. Our Map Tool enables you to designate an area where users will need to receive an alert. Plus, our ESRI mapping tools allow you to visualize and triage your incident event data with Map View.

Designating areas that need to receive an alert is easy with Konexus’ Map Tool. Simply select the appropriate shape for the zone that you will designate to receive an alert and name your zone. For some of the shapes, you might need to specify an area for the shape.

After making the appropriate selections, click, draw, and release to target an area to receive an alert.

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Geo-Location Alerting
Visualize and triage your incident event data with our highly advanced ESRI Mapping features, and use custom layers and drawing tools to create a geofence to target a specific group of people for communication.
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