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Contacts are imported to Konexus as part of your onboarding process. Using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), we can establish automation rules to import users and facilities directly from most HR systems to Konexus with minimal setup effort.

Once your contacts are imported, you can create groups based on user attributes under Manage Groups. Groups could include response teams within your organization so contacting these teams during a critical event will be straightforward. Once your contacts have been grouped, you can view those groups in My Contacts.

You can also initiate a chat from My Contacts. Clicking on the email address or phone number listed under a contact will allow users to start a conversation outside of the app. If you want to start a conversation in the app, you can click on the chat icon in your screen's lower-right corner to start a Secure Chat (as long as you have the correct permissions).

Connect your organization with Konexus’ My Contacts feature.

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